Week#15 Artist Interview: Kate Homer “CSULB photography”




This was the very last week of being in the art galleries and getting the opportunity to interview artists from my school.  This week I interviewed Kate Homer.  Kate is originally from San Diego and transferred from a community college when she was 23 years old.  She is currently finishing up her portfolio and this gallery was a part of her senior show!  Kate is graduating in 2 weeks and participated in this photography because it was a requirement for her BFA portfolio.  She informed me that as a BFA major a senior show is a requirement and is equivalent to a final or a thesis in other classes.  Kate went into further detail explaining that it is a semester long class and helps students create their 1 big project.  She then talked about her big project and educated me that this piece was inspired from the lack of memories she has from her childhood.  Kate had a brain disease as a child and this picture was from when she was 3 years old.  The above picture on the left shows Kate’s reflection in her photograph as she talks about it.  “It is very absent because it is from the dark places of my mind and had no childhood memories”, she said.  Kate explained that printing the picture took 2 days and cutting it up and making a collage out of it took about 8 hours.  Finally, the photograph returned from being at the Framers’ for 2 weeks!  I liked how dark Kate’s photograph was an the pattern that was created out of the picture being cut up so many times.



Week#15 Classmate Interview: Marquis Williams


This week was the last week of being in class this spring and my last classmate interview!  I can’t believe how fast this semester came and went, but I am exhausted and looking forward to summer vacation.  So, for my last week of classmate interviews, I interviewed Marquis Williams.  Mark is 19 years old and lives on campus here at CSULB in the dorms.  He is actually from a city very close by, named Cerritos.  Mark informed me that he enjoys playing sports, especially football, basketball, and sometimes baseball.  He is a film major and wishes to pursue a career in film in the future.  I asked mark what his favorite movies are and he replied with, “Titanic, The Last Samuri, Transformers, and Training Day”.  Mark has 1 tattoo and is planning to get more.  He is the oldest out of 5 children and he is proud to have his driver’s license.  I was interested to find out that Mark works on campus and has saved enough money to buy his own car this coming summer!  Check out what kind of car Mark gets and what movie he makes by looking at his website found here.


Week#14: Artist Interview: Khara Cloutier “Fabricating Identity”



This week in the art galleries, I interviewed Khara Cloutier.  Khara is currently working on her MFA in graphic designing at CSULB right now and will be graduating in May!  She worked on this project over 3 semesters and her favorite part of the process was coming up with the concept.  Khara told me that art direction was involved by others, but everything in terms of being designed, was in fact designed by her.  She went to Texas State for her BA and then explained to me the differences she’s observed between Long Beach and Austin.  Khara told me that Austin is more of a local place with a great music scene, and Long Beach is so close to Los Angeles it’s a city with many ethnic pockets.  She told me that they can both be extremely hot (like the weather we had today), but here we have the ocean.  Khara was inspired to do this piece from the city of Long Beach in all its glory!  Her favorite food is Japanese, even though she is a vegetarian.  She’s been an on-again off-again vegetarian for a long time, but consistently for 5 years.  Khara explained to me that she had liked art her whole life, but knew she wanted to do graphic design after taking some classes at a community college in her early 20’s.  Unfortunately, she has no website to follow her graphic design adventure.

Week#14 Classmate Interview: Christopher Nies


This week I met with Christopher Nies, a sophomore at CSULB.  Christopher likes the campus and thinks it’s a good school.  He used to be a marine biology major (which I am currently majoring in), but recently switched to archeology.  He wanted to major in marine biology since he was 8 years old, but unfortunately was short 1 unit and had to switch.  He has really enjoyed the archeology department at school though, and informed me of how nice and understanding they are.  Christopher wants to have a career where he is never stuck in an office and gets to be out in the field.  He wants to travel a lot so anthropology seemed like the next best thing.  His major aspirations in life would be: “To not have to worry about money, like the next bill.  To be surrounded by those who consider me friend and family and to do things and travel to other places”.  Christopher took this class to take as a GE and really likes it.  In his free time, he likes to collect old comic books from the 1960’s and participate in triathlons.  He has about 40 comic books that would sell for around $300!  His favorite food is shrimp cocktail that his mom makes and his favorite animal is pikachu.  Check out where Christopher travels to by following him on his website here!

Week#13: Classmate Interview: Oscar Gordillo


This week I interviewed classmate Oscar Gordillo who is a sophomore at CSULB and is majoring in mechanical engineering.  So far, he really likes CSULB, but the only downfall is that he has to take the bus to school 4 days a week.  Oscar lives in Hawthorne, which is an hour and a half bus ride, but he did admit that “It’s enough time to read“, as he showed me “Catching Fire”.  He is also in a fraternity at CSULB so he always has something to do.  He also informed me that he likes how diverse the student body is here compared to his high school back home.  He enjoys watching all the different students interact  and share culture and not being able to predict the outcome like before.  Oscar took this art class for a GE, but has found the projects to be extremely fun.  His favorite art projects have been project 11 and 12 because he had complete control.  He also really liked the plaster casting as well.  After Oscar graduates he plants on going into the petroleum industry for a few years to start building a good income.  He’d like to have a stable job so he can support himself and his mom.  The petroleum industry would take him to either Texas or somewhere North so he isn’t too sure about where he would go once he leaves that job.  However, one day Oscar would want to move back to Hawthorne or Long Beach work for Space X or a similar company.  He hopes he can keep machines in his own garage one day to work on his own projects and have one of those companies pay for grad school (I also share this dream).  He just wants to make sure that he has a good job one day that has complete insurance coverage (ME TOO).  He is currently working at his old high school tutoring in math, chemistry, and physics.  He told me it’s the easiest job he’s had and he makes $10 an hour!  His favorite food is anything, but seafood and his favorite animal is the wolf.  Check out what Oscar does with his engineering degree on his website!


Week#12 Activity: Second Video Blog; End of Semester Recap


This week for our activity we were allowed to repeat any of the previous 11 activities we’ve done over the semester.  I decided to do another video blog because I had never made one before this class and wanted to work on my presence in front of the computer screen a bit more.  I decided to talk about the last few months and do some reflecting because reflection is something I believe is important and something I don’t do often enough.  So, here’s a quick recap of what this semester and art 110 has been like for me thus far.

Week#12 Artist Interview: Brenda with CSULB-Wood “Untitled”



This week I interviewed Brenda, a senior majoring in 3D media with a specialty in wood.  She worked in the gallery with 5 other people collaborating on making the bench seen above.  This was Brenda’s first time collaborating with people on an art project and she really liked it.  “I liked all the ideas that everyone came up with and working with everyone to find out what ideas would actually work and which ones wouldn’t”, she explained since she is new to working with wood.  Each person had a different part of the bench that they were responsible for and once the project was complete, a beautiful bench had been made.  Her favorite part of this project was designing it and actually getting the work done to get see everything come together.  She is 23 and used to paint a lot before college got too busy.  Her favorite medium besides wood, is wash.  Outside of school, Brenda likes to work on refurbished furniture.  She’s in school to learn more skills to take with her in the future.  She hopes to design and make her own furniture to sell one day!  Brenda told me that she is inspired by her dad because he taught her everything she knows about tools.  She informed me that now she is the one in the house that does all the fixing up and he doesn’t anymore, but he used to do a lot of at home carpentry.  Her favorite color is teal and purple.  Brenda’s favorite movie is “Amile”, a French film about an extremely shy girl who is home schooled and finally gets the courage to go out and explore the world (sounds like a great movie).  Brenda is from Santa Ana and her favorite food is Chinese food!  Unfortunately Brenda doesn’t have a website for her pieces, but I hope to see her furniture someday!

Week#12 Classmate Interview: Nathalie Armenta



This week I interviewed Nathalie Armenta who is a senior and graduating this semester!  She is a cultural anthropology major and wants to study different cultures on different continents.  She hopes to focus and write about 2 different cultures and compare them to see how similar and different they are.  She admitted to me that she is a little nervous about graduating because she doesn’t know what will happen next.  “It’s the fear of the unknown”, she said to me and I definitely understand how scary that can be.  Nathalie has 1 brother and 1 sister and explained how being the oldest sibling puts a lot of pressure on that child because she is constantly worried about being a good role model and doing everything right.  She took this class as a GE requirement for fine arts and thinks it’s interesting, especially the weekly activities.  Her favorite activity so far has been the plaster casting.  Nathalie likes gardening and working with her hands to create things so she had a lot of fun with the casting.  During her free time she likes to go out with friends, do word search puzzles, and watch movies.  Her favorite food is enchiladas and her favorite color is teal.  Nathalie’s favorite animal is any type of owl and her goal in life is to travel to different countries.  Check out all of Natalie’s travels and culture comparisons on her website here!

Week#11 Activity: Water Color & Indian Ink


This week, we were allowed to design our own art project.  I decided to layer water color, add some Indian ink on top of the water color once it dried, drew whatever things I saw in the ink with a ballpoint pen, and then added more water color on top.  It was relaxing and a nice way to give my mind a break from all the continuous brain work I’ve been doing lately at my internship and all my science classes.  I was really happy we were able to do an art project of our own.  It was nice to have control and just create whatever came to my mind at that moment.

Week#11 Artist Interview: Luis Macias “Untitled”

This week in the art galleries, I interviewed Luis Macias, a senior graduating in May.  He started making jewelry in 2012 and said the most challenging part was learning how to work with the material and trouble shooting.  Luis explained to me how it can be difficult knowing what colors look good together and which ones don’t.  “You have to experiment and see what works, which can be frustrating because of all the time and money you spend, but you’re spending money to learn a lesson you’ll remember” he said.  He also informed me that he learns from his mistakes and that after awhile certain color combinations start to stick to memory.  He explained that all his pieces are different so its hard for him to have a favorite, but his first space pendant (“space pendant#” see top left) was really challenging and oddly enough worked out the first time done so it was really exciting.  He remembers loving art as a young child, but only recently started to work with jewelry and metal once he took Introduction to 3D Design at CSULB.  He likes to sell all of the jewelrey he makes and also give it away as presents.  He would eventually like to have his own business so he could make his own schedule and travel the world.  His favorite food is macaroons, which he buys from Mother’s Market since he’s vegan.  He let me try one and they were delicious!  Luis’s favorite animal in the world would be the vampire squid, in fact he has an entire sleeve of deep sea creature tattoos!  His “regular” favorite animals would be cats and dogs.