Week#2 Artist Interview: Oscar Mendoza “Untitled Charcoal”


Oscar is from Mexico City and has lived her for the past 23 years.  He has been attending CSULB for 3 years and is enjoying his time on campus.  Although he just started to take art seriously about 2 years ago, he has been drawing and creating things since he was a child.  He told me that there were a lot of muralists back in Mexico City and they painted everywhere on everything.  The entire city was covered in beautiful paintings on all the walls of all the buildings (a place I’d love to visit someday).  He prefers to draw people over anything and has even done some portraits of his girlfriend.  When I asked him what inspired the charcoal drawings we saw he informed me that all his work is “sort of anything inspired” and that there was no real theme connected with his work.  I was surprised to find out that this was the first time he had ever used charcoal (look at those pieces)!  He usually works with wood, ball point pen, and clay, but likes to mix up the medians that he uses.  He enjoys trying all the different medians art so that he can explore with his creativity.  Oscar has recently been going to garage sales on the weekends to buy old clothes so he can rip them apart and use the fabrics for a new project he’s working on.  If he had to choose a favorite median though, it would be a 3-way tie with fabric, clay, and wax.  Oscar was extremely pleasant and I can’t wait to see what other work he creates (no website).


Week#2 Classmate Interview: Anabel Sanchez


Anabel is 18 years old and a freshmen at CSULB.  She loves the campus and Cal State Long Beach was her first choice school when she started applying to colleges.  She entered the school wanting to be a nurse, but has since changed majors and is undeclared.  She definitely feels she will do something with art and really likes our class so far. “I’ve always wanted to have my own blog so that was really exciting for me” she told me as we admired some of the art in the gallery.  Anabel is currently only in one art class, but will definitely be in more next semester.  She loves photography and has been taking it seriously for 4 years now.  She took an AP photography class her senior year at a nearby high school and loves working with film.  However she did just start becoming familiar with digital cameras and using them more often, she admits, “Getting to develop the film myself after getting the light just right makes me feel that much more accomplished”.  Her favorite food is french fries and she loves the color red.  She lives in a close by city called Wilmington and enjoys taking pictures of all the things around her in the city.  She just started taking portraits, but favors taking suburban pictures.  You can check out more of her work on her website and note that the background picture and profile picture are both film pictures she took and scanned!

Week#1 Artist Interview: Chelsea McIntyre “Confessions”


Chelsea McIntyre had a very different and very intimate gallery. She had a liability form to enter and see her art, which the other artists did not have. I got to experience her art with our Art 110 class and also went and saw it alone which is how it was intended to be presented.  I really enjoyed how intimate it was and liked how much thought went into everything (no website).

Me: What was the inspiration behind this piece and making it such a one on one experience?

Her: I love antagonizing art and heard a statistic about people only being interested in an art piece they like for about 2-5 seconds and then they move onto the next thing they see. I wanted to make the audience invest more time and by putting them in a box they are forced to watch these videos and have an experience. Since the gallery is viewed by one person at a time, people also have to wait in line and are therefore spending more time investing in the art they are about to see.

Me: What made you come up with a box to make the audience feel “forced” into the experience?

Her: Since I wanted a forced audience I figured a box would be best because it is physically trapping them and they are then literally forced to sit, watch, and engage with the video in front of them. These videos are all different, personal, and videos that people would probably never watch normally if it were left up to their decision.

Me: What made you pick those specific videos?

Her: I started watching videos this past September and just wanted really personal, emotionally involving videos that were all on different subjects. I ended up picking 5 videos that I put on loop. I wanted enough videos to be put on loop so that when people walk out and talk to each other they will have all witnessed and experienced different things.

Me: And who is this gentlemen who has been helping you this afternoon?

Her: My boyfriend.  He teaches ballroom dance and salsa here at the school.

Week#1 Classmate Interview: Alejandra Lopez

Classmate Interview: Alejandra Lopez

Alejandra is 19 years old and in her 2nd year at CSULB.  She likes the school, but is still undecided in what she’ll major in. She has gone through 3 majors in the past, including: journalism, psychology, and fashion designing and merchandising. She wants to decide by next semester so she is taking different classes and seeing what she likes. “It’s hard to choose and pick something you have to do for the rest of your life, you have to think of it that way”, she said to me.  She has lived in Long Beach her whole life and had planned on going to UCSD, but came here instead because it is closer.  Alejandra loves music and concerts.  She had once thought about doing music journalism, but doesn’t like structure so decided against it. She also enjoys singing, acting, painting, and drawing.  She is currently learning how to play guitar, harmonica, drums, and keyboard.  Her favorite food is cheese pizza and she doesn’t have a favorite color because of how indecisive she is.  She took this class to see how she likes the arts to maybe pursue a minor in film or theater art.  Alejandra loves dogs (which we have in common) and she works at Chipotle (which is my favorite food). Chipotle is the first job she’s ever had with a lot of people and she likes it because of everybody gets along like a family.  Lastly (and probably her hardest question to answer), if she had to pick a favorite music genre it would be rock. “I like how it is more general and that way I can fit more music categories into it”.  Unfortunately, she dropped the class due to schedule conflicts (no website).