Week#1 Artist Interview: Chelsea McIntyre “Confessions”


Chelsea McIntyre had a very different and very intimate gallery. She had a liability form to enter and see her art, which the other artists did not have. I got to experience her art with our Art 110 class and also went and saw it alone which is how it was intended to be presented.  I really enjoyed how intimate it was and liked how much thought went into everything (no website).

Me: What was the inspiration behind this piece and making it such a one on one experience?

Her: I love antagonizing art and heard a statistic about people only being interested in an art piece they like for about 2-5 seconds and then they move onto the next thing they see. I wanted to make the audience invest more time and by putting them in a box they are forced to watch these videos and have an experience. Since the gallery is viewed by one person at a time, people also have to wait in line and are therefore spending more time investing in the art they are about to see.

Me: What made you come up with a box to make the audience feel “forced” into the experience?

Her: Since I wanted a forced audience I figured a box would be best because it is physically trapping them and they are then literally forced to sit, watch, and engage with the video in front of them. These videos are all different, personal, and videos that people would probably never watch normally if it were left up to their decision.

Me: What made you pick those specific videos?

Her: I started watching videos this past September and just wanted really personal, emotionally involving videos that were all on different subjects. I ended up picking 5 videos that I put on loop. I wanted enough videos to be put on loop so that when people walk out and talk to each other they will have all witnessed and experienced different things.

Me: And who is this gentlemen who has been helping you this afternoon?

Her: My boyfriend.  He teaches ballroom dance and salsa here at the school.


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