Week#1 Classmate Interview: Alejandra Lopez

Classmate Interview: Alejandra Lopez

Alejandra is 19 years old and in her 2nd year at CSULB.  She likes the school, but is still undecided in what she’ll major in. She has gone through 3 majors in the past, including: journalism, psychology, and fashion designing and merchandising. She wants to decide by next semester so she is taking different classes and seeing what she likes. “It’s hard to choose and pick something you have to do for the rest of your life, you have to think of it that way”, she said to me.  She has lived in Long Beach her whole life and had planned on going to UCSD, but came here instead because it is closer.  Alejandra loves music and concerts.  She had once thought about doing music journalism, but doesn’t like structure so decided against it. She also enjoys singing, acting, painting, and drawing.  She is currently learning how to play guitar, harmonica, drums, and keyboard.  Her favorite food is cheese pizza and she doesn’t have a favorite color because of how indecisive she is.  She took this class to see how she likes the arts to maybe pursue a minor in film or theater art.  Alejandra loves dogs (which we have in common) and she works at Chipotle (which is my favorite food). Chipotle is the first job she’s ever had with a lot of people and she likes it because of everybody gets along like a family.  Lastly (and probably her hardest question to answer), if she had to pick a favorite music genre it would be rock. “I like how it is more general and that way I can fit more music categories into it”.  Unfortunately, she dropped the class due to schedule conflicts (no website).


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