Week#2 Artist Interview: Oscar Mendoza “Untitled Charcoal”


Oscar is from Mexico City and has lived her for the past 23 years.  He has been attending CSULB for 3 years and is enjoying his time on campus.  Although he just started to take art seriously about 2 years ago, he has been drawing and creating things since he was a child.  He told me that there were a lot of muralists back in Mexico City and they painted everywhere on everything.  The entire city was covered in beautiful paintings on all the walls of all the buildings (a place I’d love to visit someday).  He prefers to draw people over anything and has even done some portraits of his girlfriend.  When I asked him what inspired the charcoal drawings we saw he informed me that all his work is “sort of anything inspired” and that there was no real theme connected with his work.  I was surprised to find out that this was the first time he had ever used charcoal (look at those pieces)!  He usually works with wood, ball point pen, and clay, but likes to mix up the medians that he uses.  He enjoys trying all the different medians art so that he can explore with his creativity.  Oscar has recently been going to garage sales on the weekends to buy old clothes so he can rip them apart and use the fabrics for a new project he’s working on.  If he had to choose a favorite median though, it would be a 3-way tie with fabric, clay, and wax.  Oscar was extremely pleasant and I can’t wait to see what other work he creates (no website).


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