Week#2 Classmate Interview: Anabel Sanchez


Anabel is 18 years old and a freshmen at CSULB.  She loves the campus and Cal State Long Beach was her first choice school when she started applying to colleges.  She entered the school wanting to be a nurse, but has since changed majors and is undeclared.  She definitely feels she will do something with art and really likes our class so far. “I’ve always wanted to have my own blog so that was really exciting for me” she told me as we admired some of the art in the gallery.  Anabel is currently only in one art class, but will definitely be in more next semester.  She loves photography and has been taking it seriously for 4 years now.  She took an AP photography class her senior year at a nearby high school and loves working with film.  However she did just start becoming familiar with digital cameras and using them more often, she admits, “Getting to develop the film myself after getting the light just right makes me feel that much more accomplished”.  Her favorite food is french fries and she loves the color red.  She lives in a close by city called Wilmington and enjoys taking pictures of all the things around her in the city.  She just started taking portraits, but favors taking suburban pictures.  You can check out more of her work on her website and note that the background picture and profile picture are both film pictures she took and scanned!


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