Week#3 Activity: Instagram


For this week our activity was to take at least 4 pictures throughout the day (February 6th, 2014) and post them onto Instagram with the #art110s14.  These were the 4 pictures I posted through out the day.  My first picture is of my teapot and breakfast tea for a 2-week teatox I’m doing right now.  The second picture is of myself and the mug that was given to me by this week’s artist interview Nicholas Gaby.  The third picture is one of my classmate’s roommate’s dogs that I kept playing with while typing up a lab report.  Finally, the last picture is a present my boyfriend made me this year for my birthday.  While looking back at the tag and seeing what my classmates posted I saw a lot of similarities and differences.  A lot of people posted silly pictures of themselves, the pieces at the gallery this week, the mugs that people also received, and food.  Some people also posted some more artsy pictures and weekend party pictures.  Being a science major I don’t have time for going out, so my posts didn’t reflect the latter.  I really liked how this project brought such a huge class of students more together by collectively showing all the things everyone shares in common.  Being able to click on the hashtag and see a collage of our class was awesome.


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