Week#3 Artist Interview: Nicholas Gaby “Because the best costs less in the long run”


For this week, I interviewed Nicholas.  He was very lively and easy to talk to.  He had a cup of black coffee in his hand the entire time we spoke and had a lot of personality.  Nick’s piece consisted of around 50 mugs all positioned near the corner of the gallery.  He wanted to portray having collections of things that are more of material possessions rather than things people really need to have.  Although there was no theme that he was going for, there were quite a lot of chicken mugs.  It didn’t take Nicholas very long to collect any of the mugs that he picked out for aesthetic views.  He decided to use mugs because they are like a lot of the things that are sitting around the house that don’t really have a purpose.  “You can put coffee and pens in them, but why am I just holding on to this”, he said to me as he explained how mugs are a weird materialistic problem to have.  He then told me a story about one of the mugs in the gallery that he had had since he was a child and how even though that meant something to him, that mug could be meaningless to his parents.  But the mug became significant because of the memory so he doesn’t want any of these mugs to mean anything to him.  He started originally acquiring the mugs because him and a friend were in a competition, but there was no real reason behind it so the idea became pointless.  Today he started giving the mugs away to people that came through the gallery.  Nick is from San Deigo, but currently lives in Long Beach.  He used to live in L.A. and prefers it over Long Beach, but he admitted the city is starting to grow on him.  He drinks a few cups of coffee everyday and wants to stay away from accumulating things he doesn’t need.  He picked mugs for his project to show how easy it is to collect something that can easily expand and that’s a problem.  Not always a bad problem, he told me, but something to think about.  He gave an example of having a “favorite” mug and then being really bummed if it were to break.  How this breaking can be figuratively heavy from the emotional response it aroused.  I really liked his piece because of what it represented and was also glad he gave me one of the mugs from his collection (see my instagram art project to see the mug).


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