Week#4 Activity: LACMA


This week’s activity was to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and compare and contrast 2 works of art.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the art the museum had to offer because experiencing things in person is much different than just seeing a picture online or in a book.  My LACMA trip was my first experience at an art museum and it was a little overwhelming, but in a good-I want to be more creative and make more art-sort of way.  I enjoyed all the different gigantic structures inside and outside of the museum.  It was awesome to see how big they were up close when all I had known before was pictures my friends had posted.  My favorite was just walking around and seeing all the different exhibits with art ranging from different eras and places.  I decided to analyze Pablo Picasso’s “Portrait of Sebastian Juner Vidal” (top left) and Roy Lichtenstein’s “Cold Shoulder” (bottom left).  The two pieces I chose had similarities and differences, but I loved both the same (sorry no favorites).  They were similar in that they both caught my eye because of their bold colors.  Although they are very different colors because blue is considered to be a “cool” color and red is a “warm” color they both jumped out at me.  They were also both similar because they both made me feel the same emotion: lonely sadness.  Now, even though that isn’t a fun emotion to feel it is one I have often felt and seeing them in paintings was beautiful in a way.  It was cathartic that two people I had never met had felt the same things I had and were able to portray those feelings by creating something new and wonderful (quite the opposite of sad and lonely).  These pieces were both different in that Picasso’s painting had blended shades of blue and lots of lines where you could see and almost feel the texture.  Lichtenstein’s painting is quite the opposite where the colors are distinct and the lines are sharp, there is no blending of colors and it is very flat and reminds me of reading a comic book.  They also both differed because Picasso’s was all just blue, but different hues and shades.  While Lichtenstein’s painting was full of bright colors that had a lot of  stark contrasting.  Both of these paintings meant a lot to me for the same reason, even though they were created differently.


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