Week#4 Artist Interview: Nidia Morales “Split Ends”


This week I was really intrigued by Nidia’s piece on hair and what society thinks is beautiful.  She had two videos constantly playing: the first was hair being brushed and the second was hair being washed and dyed with color.  She also had a bun figure made of hair underneath a sign explaining that people shouldn’t have to add things, accessorize, and alter themselves to be seen attractive.  I loved that idea and agree that it’s something we are constantly surrounded by and that people should be surrounded by embracing themselves with how they were born and natural beauty.  When talking to Nidia she explained that she started becoming obsessed with hair and her hair a few years ago.  She had to do multiple takes of the videos in her gallery, but it was her own hair!  She’s been growing it out and would ideally like it to fall just above her butt one day.  She explained how after taking all the time to grow her hair out she became very attached and would never want to cut it.  I totally understand that because I also have long thick hair and it acts as a safety blanket all the time (I thought I was the only one).  Nidia likes working with her hair and isn’t grossed out by it in the slightest.  She started collected hair in the shower drain and from brushes the last 4 months to do this piece.  She’s been working with hair for the last year, but took it in a different route this time.  She’s had short hair twice in her life (shoulder length), didn’t like it, and would never do it again.  I even asked her if she would shave her head for money and she said no!  Nidia is originally from the bay area, but is currently living in Long Beach.  She’s a photography major at CSULB and enjoys taking pictures of hair as well.  She loves colors, especially in people’s hair, but would never dye her own.  “I think it’s cool how people change and alter their hair with colors, but am too attached to mine to do that” she explained.  Unfortunately no website found.


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