Week#4 Classmate Interview: Ida Bohlin

ImageLast week Ida interviewed me so this week I got to interview her!  Ida is 23 years old and is studying at CSULB as a foreign exchange student from Sweden.  She’s been here since August and will return home in June.  She has her BA in business and economics so is really enjoying being able to take art classes where she can express her creativity.  We got to talking about art and I found out that she likes simple art, “Less is more sometimes” she told me.  I can agree with that.  Ida’s favorite art is when she can tell the artist put a lot of thought behind their piece and didn’t just throw it together.  I can definitely agree with that.  She enjoys making art and both her grandmother and aunt are artists so it runs in the family.  She is currently painting with water color in her other class, but doesn’t see painting as the art path she’ll go down.  “You can kind of do whatever you want in art”, Ida exclaimed and we discussed what we’d seen in the galleries over the last few weeks.  So far Ida really enjoys our art 110 class, although there are a lot of technological aspects and she admitted to me that she isn’t a computer person (neither am I).  Ida has had a great time being here in the U.S. and came to Long Beach for the nice weather and discovered the beach is her favorite place to be (me too).  She informed me of how cold the weather in Sweden is and how nice it’s been being able to hangout and experience another culture before she starts her master’s program in the Fall.  She wants to use her business degree in a creative way so she’ll be doing something along the lines of marketing with her own business.  She met her boyfriend in school studying the same subject and he’s here doing the exchange program with her too.  I was curious to talk to a foreign exchange student since I’ve never met anyone who has done that before so I had a bunch of questions to ask.  She explained to me that everyone in Sweden is pretty fluent in English because they start learning it in school at the age of 8.  She also informed me that Sweden is very Americanized.  For example, they have a lot of the same music, clothes, and designs.  They even celebrate Halloween and will start to celebrate Thanksgiving over there!  Crazy!  Ida also talked to me about the differences in gender equality.  She explained to me that over here it seems as if all the women always “dress up” for the men, but in Sweden the men dress up for the women just as much if not more.  The men are more styled with hair cuts and more gentlemanly over all.  An example she gave me was Halloween: girls here don’t wear lots of clothes on that holiday, but in Sweden the girls will wear lots of silly costumes rather than “sexy” ones.  I found out that Ida’s favorite color is turquoise and that her favorite animal is the horse.   She says everyone she has met here has been extremely nice, but she does miss all the food from home!  Check out this awesome Swedish gal’s experiences by going to her website.


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