Week#5 Artist Interview: Megan Kinny “Nature”


This week I interviewed Megan who is graduating this semester.  Megan is originally from Michigan and moved to 29 palms near Joshua Tree when she was 15.  It was extremely hot where she lived, but that didn’t stop her from being outside.  Megan has always loved the outdoors and has a passion for hiking.  She uses mostly acrylic and collages that she sews into when she creates, but prefers oil paint.  She has recently been working with fibers and usually draws first to figure out her composition and what colors to use.  She puts a lot of thought into her studies before she actually starts to paint something.  Megan informed me it usually takes a week or 2 of planning everything out and then the painting will go by much quicker.  She’s been into art her whole life and her parents knew when she was a child she would be an artist.  It wasn’t until high school that she began to take it seriously though.  She doesn’t have a favorite painting of her own, but there is one in particular (top left) that is her favorite process.  She added the human form and loved the process of how it started and the composition of the female form.  She added a silhouette that is subtle because she didn’t want to dominate the painting, but to just be a part of the nature.  She really likes to focus on Mother Earth and goes on lots of nature walks to inspire paintings.  “There is personal experience in my work with body image and how females hide parts of our bodies we aren’t proud of and I add that with nature because I think nature is beautiful”, she explained.  This is her own way of including her personal critiques with something she thinks is beautiful.  I asked her what her favorite nature scene would be and she informed me it would be woods, trees, and all the rock conformations because “The rock conformations look like bodies stacked on top of bodies” she said.  Megan used to collect leaves and flowers and loved watching them age and transform with color changes.  She loves creating and the decision making you get to have when you create art, even if it isn’t a lot of power it’s still some.  Check out all of Megan’s gorgeous nature art on her website.


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