Week#5 Classmate Interview: Briella Matsumoto


I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Briella today in the art galleries.  Briella, like myself, is also mixed!  She is German, Japanese, and Chinese.  She is the least connected with her German heritage, but can speak some Japanese because she lived there for 6 months while she was in 8th grade!  While she was in Japan she enjoyed how cheap the sushi was and wore the little school girl outfits you see in all the anime.  Briella also informed me that the Japanese girls use sock glue to keep their stockings up and even keep the glue in their purse.  She also understands a little bit of Mandarin.  Briella is a civil engineering major and is originally from Sacramento, California.  She picked civil engineering because she has always been good at math and science.  Her father is an engineering professor at Cal State Sacramento so for a long time she fought liking the sciences and being an engineer, but her father helped her see how all the math and science are applied in everyday life.  Briella told me that her dad is a her role model, but she is definitely a momma’s girl and always sticks up for her.  Although application of the subjects in math and science can be difficult and the major has definitely challenged her, she wants to overcome the obstacle and one day move up in an engineering company until she has a family.  She’d like to have 4 kids since she also came from a family of 4 and had a lot of fun with it.  She was 9 years old when her youngest sibling was born she she took on a lot of “mom” responsibilities, but is happy she did because now she feels better prepared for when she enters motherhood.  Briella told me that having a younger sister and 2 younger brothers was hard at times, but it shaped who she was.  “I wouldn’t be loving or know how to take care of someone younger than me”, she informed me.  She moved here when she was 18 to go to school at CSULB and loves.  She is currently living with a few other girl roommates her are all a part a Christian club here on campus.  Briella told me that living with people who share the same views has been really comforting and encouraging.  Finding that club has been her best experience here because it led her to find a community and a purpose.  She grew up Christian and this club has allowed her to continue on her journey instead of running away.  A lot of people don’t think Briella is Asian at all because of how tall she is and assume she is Hispanic (people never know what I am either).  She enjoys living in Long Beach and in her eyes it is “perfect” because it is next to the beach, close to the city, and there is a lot of suburbia as well.  She has never lived close to the beach before so being here has been exciting for her.  Her absolute favorite food is crab and seafood, while her mother’s Chinese food is a close 2nd.  Her favorite color is pink and she doesn’t have a favorite animal, but loves her dog Dalee (Korean for moon).  Check out Briella and all her adventures here!


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