Week#5: Landscapes with a Corpse

ImageFor this week’s project we had to take a self portrait of how we imaged our life departure.  Since I am so water oriented, if I could chose a way to die that had to be in nature I would prefer to drown and become one with my favorite substance.


4 thoughts on “Week#5: Landscapes with a Corpse

      • it’s a really great shot just as it is!

        But also remember that I’m sure a dozen or two dozen peeps in Art110 DO have GoPros! It’s too bad we don’t have more active discussion on the website — maybe we should do a Facebook Group next semester, they usually get a lot of traffic — but anyway… you know the emails I sometimes send to the class… that’s just going to:

        BeachBoard >> Art110 >> Roster >> (set it to show 200 peeps (as in all 132 on a single tab)) >> “Email Everyone on This Tab”

        And it’s not just me who can send those… YOU can too. So if you emailed the class… “Hey, I’m working on a photo thing, does anyone have a GoPro? I’ll help you with yours if you can help me get a shot!”

        And hopefully one of your talented classmates will reply. This photo rocks, it doesn’t need anything else. But using the resources we have, AND, BUILDING NETWORKS is so important. WHO you meet in school might be even more important than WHAT classes you take.

        Anyway, thanks again for all your awesome efforts Cristina! See you Tuesday… and hopefully at the Seal Beach Pier on Thursday!

      • I forgot about the email list and making friends in class, I will start doing that more. Networking is huge! Maybe I can collaborate with someone for the week 11 or week 12 art projects coming up 🙂 thanks for the words of encouragement.

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