Week#6 Artist Interview: Nicholas Gaby “Miniature”


This week I interviewed Nick for a second time.  This time his piece was all about things being on a much smaller scale, miniature in fact!  He used ceramic and wax to create this piece and is something he just threw together.  He was inspired to do this collective art gallery with other people from a show he saw last semester.  The show talked about space and scale, so another curator and him talked about making their own miniature show.  “When you come into the space you become aware of all the tiny things because people become hyperaware of where they are standing.  So far only one piece that wasn’t finished yet has been stepped on.”  Nick said the best thing about being an artist is not making money, but being able to be in dialogue with other artists.  He also explained how being an artist is not fixed and art can be related to philosophy in a lot of ways and how people explore ideas and materials through experimenting.  Nick also said he really enjoyed being an art major because of all the different people he comes across.  He’s met people who are just starting and some that are undeclared, but others are graduate students and faculty and they will all have their own pieces in the shows.  Personally, I really like small things because they are fun and I’m a small person so it’s nice when I can feel big too.  I really liked that the gallery started with miniature printed paper (see top left picture) and a magnifying glass to read it!  I thought that was super neat and creative.  See my artist interview for week#3 to see a picture of Nick himself.


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