Week#6 Classmate Interview: David Rho


This week I met David Rho who is a sophomore at CSULB.  He lives in cerritos and is a pre-film major.  He thinks the school is okay, but a lot like high school except even more lenient.  David has been working with video blogs since his junior year of high school.  During high school he saw lots of youtube videos that inspired him to start making some himself.  When I asked him what the hardest part of starting video blogs was he said,“Talking to the camera is awkward so that took awhile to get used to and also editing and other computer tech things”.  He’s made about 20 videos so far, half of which are private.  David likes making videos about everyday things and making those familiarities funny.  During his free time he watches Netflix, eats, and sleeps.  David watches lots of television shows, but his favorite show is Breaking Bad (which I just started watching)!  David explained that watching Breaking bad is mentally exhausting, which I completely agree with, but that it’s a great exciting show.  His favorite food is Mexican food and his favorite color is white.  He absolutely loves hedgehogs so they are his favorite animal.  After school, he’d like to be a director or cinematographer.  David took this class because it was a pre-requisite for his major, but really likes it because it is so different from any class he’s taken before.  Currently doesn’t work, but is looking for a job at Yogurtland or somewhere like that.  Checkout David’s funny video blogs on his website!


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