Week#7 Artist Interview: Alanna Marcelletti “Paneless”


This week in the art gallery, I interviewed Alanna Marcelletti.  I found her work very simple, pretty, and comforting.  It had a very cozy feel to it that made me think about being at home with my family during the holidays.  Alanna is in her 2nd year and graduating with her Masters degree in contemporary painting.  She is 29 years old and said that she took a long break before coming back to school.  She used to teach 4th grade at a private school in Santa Monica and is now working in their library part time as she goes to school.  She has always worked with kids so teaching seemed like a fitting job.  “I did Girl Scouts, nannied, and taught classes at my church so teaching came naturally to me just like art did”, she explained.  Alanna likes to work on several pieces at a time rather than just completing 1 from start to finish and then moving onto the next project.  She likes doing this process because it makes it a more cohesive piece and she likes to cannibalize her art work by cutting up other pieces and putting them together.  Working on a bunch of things together allows her to fix multiple problems at once and she will usually finish all the projects together in about a month’s time.  Alanna’s basic materials are canvas, nylon slits from her grandmother, torn magazines, and cut up paper.  She is from Los Angelos and is inspired by family, memories, and expressing gender issues.  Check out more of Alanna’s beautiful work on her website!


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