Week#7 Classmate Interview: Kimberly Aranda


This week I interviewed Kimberly, a freshman from Fontana.  She makes the 2 hour commute 3 days a week to CSULB and wants to hopefully be living closer to the school sometime next year.  Currently, Kimberly is undeclared, but hopes to double major in business and photography.  One day she’d like to use both of her degrees to open up her own studio.  Kimberly likes this art class a lot and thought it was going to be a lot harder with more drawing since she said she isn’t very good at that.  “It’s interesting to get to look at all the different galleries”, she told me.  Kimberly’s favorite type of food would be Italian and her favorite animal is the elephant.  We both like the color purple!  So far, her favorite art 110 project has been the Corpse Landscape (mine too).  She thought it was really interesting to see how different everyone’s projects were and how some people went to extremes, but other people didn’t.  In her free time Kimberly likes to take pictures, bake, go bowling, hangout, and workout every now and then.  To see Kimberly’s photography check out her website here!


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