Week#8 Artist Interview: Gabriel “Contemporary Subjectivity”



I met Gabriel who likes to work with minimal color, even though he does appreciate color in other places of life.  He told me that, “Color adds content I don’t necessarily want” he explained to me.  However, a few of his drawings do have a little bit of red in them.  His aesthetic is black and white for his work so he can express what he wants to clearly.  Gabriel has had an interest in art since he can remember.  He told me about a distinct memory of his from 1st grade that sparked his interest in drawing with crayons on paper.  His favorite teacher came up to him with crayons and a coloring book, and he was amazed at the control she had over the utensil because he lacked that skill.  He used to think that art wasn’t a career, but just a hobby he would always have.  Gabriel told me that he started out undeclared, but ended up coming back to art every time.  He is from New Mexico and completed his undergrad work over there and is now a second year graduate student here in Long Beach.  He is very visual and said the first big difference he noticed between here and El Paso, New Mexico was all the different cultures.  In Texas, they are very into their southern roots he said.  He likes to investigate identity with tabloids and other superficial things so it is fitting to be this close to Los Angeles, Gabriel explained.  He also likes to identify with feminism and turn it onto himself through a male perspective which is what he has been doing for the last year as inspiration.  His favorite medium is drawing on paper because of the directness of hand on paper and likes connected paper to the body; it’s delicate vs. how durable painting is where brushstrokes can be repeated on top of each other infinitely.  His favorite food used to be Italian, but for now it’s either Mexican or BBQ.  Unfortunately, he does not have a website up, but hopefully someday soon!


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