Week#8 Classmate Interview: James Hong


I met James Hong in the art galleries this week and dorming with a roommate his freshmen year, currently.  James is undeclared right now, but looking to art or physics.  His roommate is sort of pushing him in the art direction and is who encouraged him to take this class because he is a film major!  He explained to me that our art 110 class is a prerequisite for a video game design class, which is what he’d like to do with his art degree.  He loves to draw, sketch, and doodle with pencil and paper.  James is also a fan of concept art.  He took physics in high school and researches the subject on the internet during his own time.  “I’m torn between what I like to do and what I ‘should’ be doing” he said to me when I asked which major he thought he would choose.  He thinks physics is what he “should” be doing as far as a career and steady job, but thinks his talents would be better spent making things in art.  His favorite food is popcorn, he claims he is addicted to it.  His favorite animal is a wolf or a dog and has a Maltese poodle that he misses a lot back at home.  He went to Cerritos high school and got to go to the 2012 Olympics in London because he was in band.  The school’s band played at Carnigee Hall in New York in 2011 and they liked them so much they invited to the Olympics.  He played the clarinet and told me that the Olympics was a very memorable experience, but he was unfortunately suffering for jet lag.  They played the opening ceremonies and then explored the next 2 days before they left.  The craziest thing he said he saw were Gypsies that pick pocketed people in Paris!  Check out what James does with his art or physics on his website here!


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