Week#8 Activity: Plaster Casting



This week our activity was to make a plaster mold of our hand and foot.  After my internship I grabbed some burritos with my lovely friend Elizabeth and we started plaster project.  Since I’m the only one in the class, we had a lot of extra plaster so I made 2 hand molds and Elizabeth made one as well.  I love Star Trek and am a huge Spock fan so I attempted a plaster mold of the “Live Long and Prosper” hand sign (see the first hand on the left in the picture), but it didn’t really turn out too well.  I also made a fist, which turned out better (see middle hand in picture) and Elizabeth did a “thumb’s up” sign (see end right hand in picture) which turned out great!  This was a fun project that had simple instructions, was affordable, and a great reason to hangout at the beach!


2 thoughts on “Week#8 Activity: Plaster Casting

  1. Awesome Cristina! Yay!

    Believe it our not, you just did “real” casting. Pretty much like artists or commercial manufacturers do. The only difference is that they have a bit finer materials. So instead of beach sand, they use finer sand. And they have mold casings that are hinged so you don’t have to squeeze your hand out. But pretty much, you did it!

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