Week#9 Artist Interview: Jesse So “Round Around One”



This week in the art galleries, I interviewed Jesse So.  He made all the small metal pieces in a year and ranged from a couple hours to a day or longer to create the individual pieces.  His favorite piece is a water drop (seen top right) because it is in essence a simple form, but complicated at the same time because of the angles it has and how it changes reflections.  “It pulls everything in to be more abstract”, Jesse told me and a few other students as he explained his favorite piece in further detail.  All of the metal pieces were made from different types of metals, like: bronze, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.  His bright shiny cameras (seen bottom left) were made from plaster and so was the biggest piece of the show (seen top left).  The camera piece is made from all real cameras, except for the plaster one, made from a resin casting.  He said that scale was a characteristic of the show and uniqueness was the theme.  He was inspired by the machine he worked with and how he could make different sized objects, forms, and push how big or small he could make the metal material.  Eventually, all that wondering led to this show of unique objects that took a total of 2 years to make.  Jesse confessed that he liked pushing the limit and would like to try to make something bigger than his largest piece to date.  Unfortunately, there was no website to be found.


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