Week#9 Classmate Interview: Andrew Haley


I interviewed Andrew Haley for my classmate interview this week, whom is a first year and so far likes the campus a lot for its atmosphere.  He is a biology major and hopes to someday do some kind of field research.  He isn’t quite sure what field of biology he would like to pursue but will know once he starts taking more classes.  Andrew took this class to get out of his shell because he is a very shy person.  He told me that he likes the concepts of the class, but doesn’t like the social aspects of it.  “It’s hard to do some of the social projects and to juggle this on top of hard classes”, he said when I asked him what the most challenging part of the semester had been for him.  His favorite science subject is actually physics, but chose to do biology because he isn’t as strong in math and bio has always been his 2nd favorite science subject.  Andrew went to Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California.  I asked Andrew what his favorite food was and he answered with spaghetti, but specifically his aunt’s spaghetti that she used to make, “It is comforting and makes me think of my childhood”, he told me.  His favorite color is yellow, even though the only yellow thing he has is his bright yellow backpack.  Andrew likes to write music for fun and plays all the instruments.  He used to play drums in a ska punk band he used to be in, but now writes alternative music.  He also told me how his girlfriend is in school to open a bakery and brings him home pastries all the time!  Check out Andrew on his website here!


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