Week#10 Classmate Interview: Jordan Gavero



Jordan is a first year at CSULB and really likes how relaxing and beautiful the campus is.  He went to Polly High School and thinks that college is less stressful than high school.  He is a declared film major for narrative production and took this class as a prerequisite and will be starting his major courses next year!  He does like this class even though it can be time consuming.  “It’s very fun and my favorite project was either the plaster or the instagram project”, he said when I asked him what he enjoyed doing the most in class.  Jordan’s favorite food is chicken anything, except for curry.  His favorite animal is the hyena and his favorite colors are black, teal, and baby blue.  Jordan likes to dance with friends during his free time and loves to go out to places like Los Angeles.  He likes acting as a side hobby for now, but used to be a child actor when he was younger.  He was on a few game shows on nickelodeon!  He informed me that for now he would just like to act for fun because it’s good money.  His ultimate goal is to get into the entertainment industry and work his way up to being a director.  He doesn’t really care what position he starts out at, as long as he gets to be doing what he loves and wants to do.  Check out Jordan and his film career on his website here!


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