Week#10 Artist Interview: Esteban Ramirez “Set the World on Fire”

This week I interviewed Esteban Ramirez in the art galleries.  Esteban’s biggest accomplishment is having this show which allowed him to get all of his work together to present.  His work in this show is his life long work finally starting to move in the direction that he’s comfortable with.  This show was all about using pyro techniques which i found really interesting and also very beautiful.  The way he captured his art was by taking photographs of landscapes that were lit with pyro.  He also took abstract objects and colors and photographed them while being lit with pyro too.  “A nice big print is an accomplishment of its own because so much goes into it”, he explained when I asked him how much effort went into getting the gallery ready.  Esteban is a senior and will be graduating in May.  He did his senior show last semester and built photobooths which allowed people who came to take pictures and comment on them with markers.  It was an interactive live entertainment piece (wish I could have been there)!  He explained that although he hasn’t had any accidents using pyro, there has been a few accidents in the field.  There was an incident where a car exploded and one of his friends, whom was the inspiration for the show, died from their injuries.  To prevent accidents, Esteban uses sparklers and mud balls to be safe.  He started getting into pyro 5 years ago because his younger brother got him into it.  Esteban was actually more afraid of fire growing up as a kid than being intrigued by its power.  In general, whatever Esteban is interested in will spill over into his artwork.  He likes to incorporate education, environment, and social issues in his work as well.  Esteban informed me that he enjoys making commentary on social media and other current media trends as well.  He explained how art is now everywhere on a global scale because of social media which is good and bad.  “The unfortunate thing about art being so available is that upcoming artists can feel easily discouraged and get distracted  at seeing all the great works out there”, he told me.  Esteban is the art director for pro images and does fan photography for the LA Dodgers (my favorite team)!  Check out all of Esteban’s awesome artwork on his website!


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