Week#11 Artist Interview: Luis Macias “Untitled”

This week in the art galleries, I interviewed Luis Macias, a senior graduating in May.  He started making jewelry in 2012 and said the most challenging part was learning how to work with the material and trouble shooting.  Luis explained to me how it can be difficult knowing what colors look good together and which ones don’t.  “You have to experiment and see what works, which can be frustrating because of all the time and money you spend, but you’re spending money to learn a lesson you’ll remember” he said.  He also informed me that he learns from his mistakes and that after awhile certain color combinations start to stick to memory.  He explained that all his pieces are different so its hard for him to have a favorite, but his first space pendant (“space pendant#” see top left) was really challenging and oddly enough worked out the first time done so it was really exciting.  He remembers loving art as a young child, but only recently started to work with jewelry and metal once he took Introduction to 3D Design at CSULB.  He likes to sell all of the jewelrey he makes and also give it away as presents.  He would eventually like to have his own business so he could make his own schedule and travel the world.  His favorite food is macaroons, which he buys from Mother’s Market since he’s vegan.  He let me try one and they were delicious!  Luis’s favorite animal in the world would be the vampire squid, in fact he has an entire sleeve of deep sea creature tattoos!  His “regular” favorite animals would be cats and dogs.


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