Week#11 Classmate Interview: Donald


Today I interviewed my fellow classmate Donald Nguyen, a freshman who is a biology major.  Coincidently, Donald is taking Physics 100A with the professor I plan on taking it with next year!  He informed me that physics is hard, but that she is good at teaching.  Donald wishes to continue on to Med school after he receives his BS in biology here at CSULB.  He explained how he’ll possibly take a year off school, but doesn’t want to waste any time getting into anesthesiology and making some big bucks!  He likes to eat, sleep, and play basketball in his free time.  “Any chance I get I try to play basketball”, Donald explained.  He is currently working at Ikea in Costa Mesa and said it’s a really “chill” job because it’s really easy, but he closes often so he’s tired quite often.  His favorite food are many different kinds, but right now it’s Mexican.  Donald lives somewhat near me so we both go to Alerto’s because they have great burritos and other Mexican food.  His favorite color is navy blue and his favorite animal are dogs.  He took this class because he needed more general ed units and didn’t want to take theater due to stage fright.  He does like how easy going this class is and his favorite project so far has been when we went to LACMA.  Donald also brought up a good point I definitely agree with: “There is more at stake in college than in high school so I like how independent that makes me feel and I feel like that my intelligence is at its peak, I feel good about myself”.


Check out Donald on his website!


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