Week#12 Artist Interview: Brenda with CSULB-Wood “Untitled”



This week I interviewed Brenda, a senior majoring in 3D media with a specialty in wood.  She worked in the gallery with 5 other people collaborating on making the bench seen above.  This was Brenda’s first time collaborating with people on an art project and she really liked it.  “I liked all the ideas that everyone came up with and working with everyone to find out what ideas would actually work and which ones wouldn’t”, she explained since she is new to working with wood.  Each person had a different part of the bench that they were responsible for and once the project was complete, a beautiful bench had been made.  Her favorite part of this project was designing it and actually getting the work done to get see everything come together.  She is 23 and used to paint a lot before college got too busy.  Her favorite medium besides wood, is wash.  Outside of school, Brenda likes to work on refurbished furniture.  She’s in school to learn more skills to take with her in the future.  She hopes to design and make her own furniture to sell one day!  Brenda told me that she is inspired by her dad because he taught her everything she knows about tools.  She informed me that now she is the one in the house that does all the fixing up and he doesn’t anymore, but he used to do a lot of at home carpentry.  Her favorite color is teal and purple.  Brenda’s favorite movie is “Amile”, a French film about an extremely shy girl who is home schooled and finally gets the courage to go out and explore the world (sounds like a great movie).  Brenda is from Santa Ana and her favorite food is Chinese food!  Unfortunately Brenda doesn’t have a website for her pieces, but I hope to see her furniture someday!


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