Week#12 Classmate Interview: Nathalie Armenta



This week I interviewed Nathalie Armenta who is a senior and graduating this semester!  She is a cultural anthropology major and wants to study different cultures on different continents.  She hopes to focus and write about 2 different cultures and compare them to see how similar and different they are.  She admitted to me that she is a little nervous about graduating because she doesn’t know what will happen next.  “It’s the fear of the unknown”, she said to me and I definitely understand how scary that can be.  Nathalie has 1 brother and 1 sister and explained how being the oldest sibling puts a lot of pressure on that child because she is constantly worried about being a good role model and doing everything right.  She took this class as a GE requirement for fine arts and thinks it’s interesting, especially the weekly activities.  Her favorite activity so far has been the plaster casting.  Nathalie likes gardening and working with her hands to create things so she had a lot of fun with the casting.  During her free time she likes to go out with friends, do word search puzzles, and watch movies.  Her favorite food is enchiladas and her favorite color is teal.  Nathalie’s favorite animal is any type of owl and her goal in life is to travel to different countries.  Check out all of Natalie’s travels and culture comparisons on her website here!


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