Week#13: Classmate Interview: Oscar Gordillo


This week I interviewed classmate Oscar Gordillo who is a sophomore at CSULB and is majoring in mechanical engineering.  So far, he really likes CSULB, but the only downfall is that he has to take the bus to school 4 days a week.  Oscar lives in Hawthorne, which is an hour and a half bus ride, but he did admit that “It’s enough time to read“, as he showed me “Catching Fire”.  He is also in a fraternity at CSULB so he always has something to do.  He also informed me that he likes how diverse the student body is here compared to his high school back home.  He enjoys watching all the different students interact  and share culture and not being able to predict the outcome like before.  Oscar took this art class for a GE, but has found the projects to be extremely fun.  His favorite art projects have been project 11 and 12 because he had complete control.  He also really liked the plaster casting as well.  After Oscar graduates he plants on going into the petroleum industry for a few years to start building a good income.  He’d like to have a stable job so he can support himself and his mom.  The petroleum industry would take him to either Texas or somewhere North so he isn’t too sure about where he would go once he leaves that job.  However, one day Oscar would want to move back to Hawthorne or Long Beach work for Space X or a similar company.  He hopes he can keep machines in his own garage one day to work on his own projects and have one of those companies pay for grad school (I also share this dream).  He just wants to make sure that he has a good job one day that has complete insurance coverage (ME TOO).  He is currently working at his old high school tutoring in math, chemistry, and physics.  He told me it’s the easiest job he’s had and he makes $10 an hour!  His favorite food is anything, but seafood and his favorite animal is the wolf.  Check out what Oscar does with his engineering degree on his website!


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