Week#14: Artist Interview: Khara Cloutier “Fabricating Identity”



This week in the art galleries, I interviewed Khara Cloutier.  Khara is currently working on her MFA in graphic designing at CSULB right now and will be graduating in May!  She worked on this project over 3 semesters and her favorite part of the process was coming up with the concept.  Khara told me that art direction was involved by others, but everything in terms of being designed, was in fact designed by her.  She went to Texas State for her BA and then explained to me the differences she’s observed between Long Beach and Austin.  Khara told me that Austin is more of a local place with a great music scene, and Long Beach is so close to Los Angeles it’s a city with many ethnic pockets.  She told me that they can both be extremely hot (like the weather we had today), but here we have the ocean.  Khara was inspired to do this piece from the city of Long Beach in all its glory!  Her favorite food is Japanese, even though she is a vegetarian.  She’s been an on-again off-again vegetarian for a long time, but consistently for 5 years.  Khara explained to me that she had liked art her whole life, but knew she wanted to do graphic design after taking some classes at a community college in her early 20’s.  Unfortunately, she has no website to follow her graphic design adventure.


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