Week#14 Classmate Interview: Christopher Nies


This week I met with Christopher Nies, a sophomore at CSULB.  Christopher likes the campus and thinks it’s a good school.  He used to be a marine biology major (which I am currently majoring in), but recently switched to archeology.  He wanted to major in marine biology since he was 8 years old, but unfortunately was short 1 unit and had to switch.  He has really enjoyed the archeology department at school though, and informed me of how nice and understanding they are.  Christopher wants to have a career where he is never stuck in an office and gets to be out in the field.  He wants to travel a lot so anthropology seemed like the next best thing.  His major aspirations in life would be: “To not have to worry about money, like the next bill.  To be surrounded by those who consider me friend and family and to do things and travel to other places”.  Christopher took this class to take as a GE and really likes it.  In his free time, he likes to collect old comic books from the 1960’s and participate in triathlons.  He has about 40 comic books that would sell for around $300!  His favorite food is shrimp cocktail that his mom makes and his favorite animal is pikachu.  Check out where Christopher travels to by following him on his website here!


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