Week#15 Artist Interview: Kate Homer “CSULB photography”




This was the very last week of being in the art galleries and getting the opportunity to interview artists from my school.  This week I interviewed Kate Homer.  Kate is originally from San Diego and transferred from a community college when she was 23 years old.  She is currently finishing up her portfolio and this gallery was a part of her senior show!  Kate is graduating in 2 weeks and participated in this photography because it was a requirement for her BFA portfolio.  She informed me that as a BFA major a senior show is a requirement and is equivalent to a final or a thesis in other classes.  Kate went into further detail explaining that it is a semester long class and helps students create their 1 big project.  She then talked about her big project and educated me that this piece was inspired from the lack of memories she has from her childhood.  Kate had a brain disease as a child and this picture was from when she was 3 years old.  The above picture on the left shows Kate’s reflection in her photograph as she talks about it.  “It is very absent because it is from the dark places of my mind and had no childhood memories”, she said.  Kate explained that printing the picture took 2 days and cutting it up and making a collage out of it took about 8 hours.  Finally, the photograph returned from being at the Framers’ for 2 weeks!  I liked how dark Kate’s photograph was an the pattern that was created out of the picture being cut up so many times.



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