Week#15 Classmate Interview: Marquis Williams


This week was the last week of being in class this spring and my last classmate interview!  I can’t believe how fast this semester came and went, but I am exhausted and looking forward to summer vacation.  So, for my last week of classmate interviews, I interviewed Marquis Williams.  Mark is 19 years old and lives on campus here at CSULB in the dorms.  He is actually from a city very close by, named Cerritos.  Mark informed me that he enjoys playing sports, especially football, basketball, and sometimes baseball.  He is a film major and wishes to pursue a career in film in the future.  I asked mark what his favorite movies are and he replied with, “Titanic, The Last Samuri, Transformers, and Training Day”.  Mark has 1 tattoo and is planning to get more.  He is the oldest out of 5 children and he is proud to have his driver’s license.  I was interested to find out that Mark works on campus and has saved enough money to buy his own car this coming summer!  Check out what kind of car Mark gets and what movie he makes by looking at his website found here.



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